Health Benefits of Massage


Fact: Everyone loves massages. They’re relaxing, fun, and they feel amazing. Now, we know this is not a shocking revelation we’re making, but did you know that there are many more health benefits to massage than just feeling like a brand new person when it’s over? Scientists have been researching the effects of massage on […]

Fat Doesn’t Cause Heart Attacks, Sugar Does

Sugar Detox

Do you find yourself saying that you NEED your daily sugar fix? Do you joke about your addiction to coffee, soda, or your incredibly demanding sweet tooth? Perhaps up until now you’ve enjoyed sugar in your diet because you think you need it to boost your energy levels and you deserve to have a sweet […]

What is Functional Medicine and How Can It Help Me?


For those of you who are well versed in alternative medical treatments, it may feel like a full-time job keeping yourself informed about every “next big thing.” We know how disheartening it can be to be reading up on juice cleanses and miracle vitamins that will “change your life” but they have little to no […]