meditation + fall

Mini meditation breaks throughout the day can clear your mind and help you feel less stress and more control. Commit yourself to giving it a chance tomorrow. Here’s how:

In the Morning, Fine-tune Your Focus for the Coming Day

Sit in a comfy chair near a window with your feet flat on the floor and your hands in your lap. Take five slow, deep breaths with your eyes closed . Return to a natural breathing rhythm and imagine the sun’s rays coming through the window melting away all of your stress and clearing your mind. Enjoy the sensation for a few minutes, then slowly stretch your arms and legs before rising.

Reclaim Your Lunch Hour

Before taking that first bite, spend 2 minutes doing nothing. Just relax and leave work behind. Then be mindful of what you are eating and be aware of  the taste, texture and smell. Slowly unwrap your meal and take in its aroma. Chew slowly, and pay attention to how the food feels in your mouth — the taste, texture, and temperature on your tongue.

Lights Out and Drift to Sleep

Lie in bed with your eyes closed. Take deep breaths as you imagine your mind floating down your body to your feet. Try to not continue to think about the days events or the events of tomorrow. As you take deep breaths, allow the portion of your body where you mind is floating to relax into the bed. Use this imagery to calm yourself and become deeply relaxed.

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