The holidays are a time for giving thanks. They are a time for being with family, for hanging out with friends, for giving presents, and for putting on 1-5 lbs before New Years, right?

Well, although studies show that this weight gain is typical for the majority, we are striving to be different from the majority. We are trying to change our lives by making healthy choices that contribute to our total wellness! But, we do like turkey….and parties…and fun…and pie.

So how do we do this? How do we make healthy choices this holiday season and avoid the typical 1-5 lb weight gain? We’ll we’ve put together a list of ways to make healthy choices this holiday season so you can have your cake, and eat a couple of bites of it too!

Never Show Up with and Empty Stomach
Some people skimp out all day in order to make room for calories during holiday meals. This strategy usually backfires. Before going to that work Christmas party, or Aunt Janie’s annual cookie bake-off, have a snack or meal that’s high in protein and fiber. A nice green salad or a handful of nuts can keep you feeling full and help you resist the urge to binge eat on way too many cookies.

Offer to Host the Party
One sure-fire way to know how healthy the food is at a party, is to host the party yourself! Use this opportunity to keep yourself and your guests on track, while impressing them with your health minded ingenuity.

Consider Your Options
Before you dig in, come up with a strategy. First, if there are plate options, choose the smaller one. Second, try and only pick foods that are high in protein and don’t include lots of extra sugar. Grab some turkey (white meat, no skin), raw nuts or veggies from the ever-present veggie plate. Also, try and avoid snacking. Fill your plate once and leave it at that.

Eat Slowly
Science tells us it takes your stomach about 20 minutes to feel full. So, take your time savoring every delicious bite of that holiday classic, and feel full faster! If you really want that cake, have it, only remember the 3-bite rule: take three bites and leave it for a bit. Chances are you’ll be full and satisfied, instead of upset at how many calories you consumed.

Keep Your Routine
It’s going to be so important this time of year that you maintain your routine. This means sticking with your eating schedule, as well as hitting the gym as planned. During the holidays, it’s all too easy to write off the time between Christmas and New Years and vow to be better come 2015, but starting over is the hardest part! Keep your eye on the prize.

Drink Responsibly
If you are going to celebrate with spirits this holiday season, stick to some guidelines that can keep you on the right path. Stay away from sodas. Stick to red or white wine. Fill your glass up with ice to avoid pouring too much.

Stay Active
Mingle. Dance. Move. Take any opportunity you can to get active this season. Keep your metabolism going through every get together and it will be hard for those holiday pounds to stick.

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