healing starts 
with understanding

Knowledge is power.  We share and educate so that power can be multiplied.  If you know how to care for yourself, you can be empowered on your own path of wellness.

“Spring” Into Spring!

Though there may still be snow on the ground here and there, springtime energy is already blossoming when March rolls around. Spring is a transitional period signifying

Natural Ways to Promote Heart Health

To start improving your heart health today, follow this simple prescription! Cut Out Sugar Sugar raises blood sugar levels, which raises insulin levels, which in

Ready, Set, Winterize!

Wintertime coughs, colds and flu…no one wants them, but many of us still get them! Guess what?? You do not have to!  Start taking steps

Our Favorite Healthy Fats

  Did you know that healthy fats are good for us?  We should try our best to get them in at every meal!  Healthy fats