Massage-Integrative-Health-and-WellnessFact: Everyone loves massages. They’re relaxing, fun, and they feel amazing. Now, we know this is not a shocking revelation we’re making, but did you know that there are many more health benefits to massage than just feeling like a brand new person when it’s over? Scientists have been researching the effects of massage on wellness for years, and here are just some of the ways the potential power of touch can heal.

Enhances mental performance!
Even 10-minutes in a massage chair can change the way you think. A study from the Touch Research Institute (TRI) showed that people who had been given a massage prior to answering mathematical equations finished twice as fast (and with half the errors) as their non-touched study counterparts. Massages slow down your heart rate and lower blood pressure so you can think clearer and concisely (Jones, 2012).

Relieves Headaches
According to Best Health online, research from Grenada University in Spain has found that a single session of massage therapy has immediate results in lowering perceived pain in patients with chronic tension headaches.

Boosts Immunity
Massage plays a huge role in boosting patients white blood cell count, the cells that fight off disease (Journal of Alternative and Complimentary Medicine, 2010).

Improves Sleep
Massage is relaxing and promotes sleep in many patients with illnesses as well as infants. Not only can it help you get a better night’s sleep, which is necessary for your body to feel good, but it also helps those who are in pain find the comfort to fall asleep.

Sharing is Caring!
Giving massages has been found to have significant health benefits too! Volunteers were asked to visit a nursery to administer massages to infants 3 days a week. Immediately following the very first massage, the volunteers had less anxiety and depression and lower cortisol levels. Giving a massage turned out to have some of the same benefits as getting one (Jones, 2012).


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