Our Method is Simple!

It’s about removing what is harmful and adding in what is beneficial. About understanding that the environment your genes live in determines how those genes are expressed. So what you eat, how much chemical and toxic exposure you’ve had, what stresses you tolerate, what you believe, how you think, how much love you give and […]

B12 Deficiency and What to do About it!

Vegetarians and vegans are not the only ones who can develop a Vitamin B12 deficiency. Whether you’re young or old; vegan, vegetarian, Paleo, or  gluten-free, you can suffer from vitamin B12 deficiency. What is B12? Vitamin B12, also known as cobalamin, is a water-soluble vitamin required for many reactions in your body as well as […]

Signs of Hypothyroidism and Tips to Help

  Your thyroid plays a part in nearly every metabolic process and when the thyroid isn’t working you won’t feel well! The thyroid secretes several hormones. The main hormone is thyroxine, also called T4, but there are others, including T3 and even lesser known T1 and T2. It requires adequate selenium, iodine, zinc, B vitamins […]

A Healthy Gut is Key to a Healthy You!

  A Healthy Gut is Key to a Healthy You Hippocrates is famous for his quote: “All disease begins in the gut.” In fact, if you have any of the following issues, there’s a good chance you have a disrupted gut.   Food allergies or sensitivities Autoimmune disorders Poor digestion, bloating, gas, or nutrient malabsorption […]

10 Ways to Support Brain Health

1) Add coconut oil to your diet.  There is growing evidence that regular consumption of coconut oil may offer profound benefits in the fight against Alzheimer’s disease. One of the primary fuels your brain uses is glucose. When your brain becomes insulin resistant, atrophy due to starvation can occur. But if you choose to limit […]

Is Your Skin Ready for Summer??

    Remember, the best SAFE sun protection often sells out for a few weeks well ahead of Summer so this is the perfect time to talk about this. A few basics to remember! The sun is not the enemy We actually need sun exposure to get adequate vitamin D & critical photoproducts RESPONSIBLE sun exposure is […]

“Spring” Into Spring!

Though there may still be snow on the ground here and there, springtime energy is already blossoming when March rolls around. Spring is a transitional period signifying love, warmth, and new beginnings. It is also a great time to rejuvenate your health and well-being. Take advantage of the new season and beauty around you to shake off […]

Natural Ways to Promote Heart Health

To start improving your heart health today, follow this simple prescription! Cut Out Sugar Sugar raises blood sugar levels, which raises insulin levels, which in turn slows metabolism, decreasing the burning of calories for energy and increasing the calories converted to fat. Sugar elevates cholesterol, especially small particle LDL, the most damaging kind and the […]

Hormones for Health, Energy and Weight Control

10 Ways to Balance Your Hormones for Health, Energy and Weight Control So often, patients come into our office complaining of multiple symptoms like thinning hair, brittle nails, erupting skin, poor sleep, exhaustion, constipation, sexual or menstrual dysfunction and weight gain. These are all clues that can suggest hormonal imbalance, but there are several different […]

Ready, Set, Winterize!

Wintertime coughs, colds and flu…no one wants them, but many of us still get them! Guess what?? You do not have to!  Start taking steps today to protect your body, strengthen defenses and get it ready for the season. By making smart food, supplement and lifestyle choices NOW, you will boost immunity, giving your body exactly […]